Jan 212013

I was recently contacted by a volunteer librarian in Nevada that is heading up a project to construct an internal database of various resources for their library.  One of the interns on the project found the Ozark Walking Sticks Wood Carving Links page and thought that it would be a great resource to add to their database.  It’s always nice to receive positive feedback about the website.

As a requirement for their project, the intern has to provide a resource back to the website that they are borrowing from.  The idea and focus of the exchange is to teach proper netiquette and sharing of information.  The resource that was given to me was Alans Factory Outlet Guide to Wood Carving.

The guide to wood carving includes links to information related to Methods and Styles, Techniques, Tools, Wood, and other wood carving related information.  I found several of the links to be good informational resources and felt like it was worth sharing.  I also found it interested that Alan is a former Maryland State Trooper.

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