Feb 112013

Well, it’s February 11, 2013 and I’m just now getting to writing a post about the 2012 Woodcarving Illustrated Christmas Ornament Exchange, but I guess like they say, “Better late than never.” :)  It’s been a busy time since before Christmas, but it’s been fun.  I wanted to share with everyone that visits my blog, the 17 Christmas Ornaments that I received as part of the ornament exchange this past Christmas.  This was another great ornament exchange.  I’m already looking forward to next years’ ornament exchange.  I have a few ideas for possible ornaments to do. :)

2012 Woodcarving Illustrated Christmas Ornament Exchange – Ornaments Received

Carved Snowman

Snowman carved by Anthony Emerson

Carved Spoon

Spoon carved by Bill Paholich

Carved Tree Bark House

Tree Bark House carved by Carol Leavy

Carved Santa

Santa carved by DiLeon

Carved Polar Bear

Polar Bear carved by Harold Mohr

Carved Santa

Santa carved by Henry Riojas

Carved Bottle Stopper

Bottle Stopper carved by James Harris

Carved Christmas Tree Stamp

Christmas Tree Stamp carved by Keoma

Carved Santa

Santa carved by Kyle Gabel

Santa Moon

Santa Moon carved by Loretta Jonsson

Carved Santa

Santa carved by Randy George

Carved Santa

Santa Carved by Rusty Petersen

Carved Cowboy Santa

Cowboy Santa carved by Steve Davis

Carved Boot

Boot carved by Steve Peterson

Carved Flatplane Santa

Flatplane Santa carved by Steve Reed

Carved Ball Glove

Ball Glove carved by Terry Vance

Carved Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf carved by Tom Hindes

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